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Potential side effects of

          reading this book include:

• Enjoyment of everyday moments
• Noticing more opportunities for resilience
• Deeper connection to self & others
• Increased mindfulness and sense of calm

• A desire to help others be more resilient

Praise for

A Year of Resilience

The ability to bounce back from adversity or failure is a skill we can all learn—and this book shows you how. Resilience isn’t about zipping through life unscathed or about how to avoid everyday challenges. No, quite the opposite; it’s about experiencing life’s natural obstacles to their fullest, learning from them, and continuing to live a joyful, positive life.


Maureen Orey has created a practical guide to lead you through your own personal resiliency retreat. The 52 ideas suggest one for each week of the year, but they are so enticing you won’t want to stop reading! She presents the importance of being present, giving to others, reflecting on your actions and many others. 


A Year of Resilience is sure to provide you with the encouragement and capacity you need for a more fulfilled, purposeful, and relaxing year—for your entire life. Don’t miss this one.

Elaine Biech, author 

The Washington Post #1 Best Seller nonfiction: The Art and Science of Training 

and The New Business of Consulting

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